We have just released some small-but-nice refinements on Edicy. It's all about optimization, eye candy and usability.
First of all, we rebuilt our emailing system with short and simple new emails that we send out to you after signup, password reset etc. Instead of two sentences we tried to use a single word. Instead of username and password hidden inside a paragraph of text, we made them stand out bold and clear. Small things make big difference.

Secondly we redesigned our signup and signin dialogues that weren't simple enough to understand in a blink of en eye. Previous version was just too talkative. It was difficult to find "Cancel" and "Forgot password" fields, footer with Edicy logo and slogan was too crowded and black on blue wasn't that readable.

What finally made us redesign it, was the screen that one gets when he already has an existing account and is asked if he wants to create an additional site or just sign in. On the right hand side you can see what it looked like before and how it does now. Guess, which is which?

Also, thanks for everyone who have been testing the first prototype of our next big thing. Based on your priceless feedback we've finished an improved prototype today. It'll be sent out to all of you tomorrow. Thanks!

More cleanups are on their way, stay tuned.

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  • Anabela Dec 09

    Congratulations, guys!
    You're doing great. Thank you very much.


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