Ruby and Rails introduction workshop 2011

The goal of this two-day workshop is to learn the basics of Ruby programming language and build web applications using Ruby on Rails, the full-featured web framework for Ruby.

This workshop also covers the foundations of Ruby community. We'll learn how to use ruby gems to extend your application with existing libraries. Other must-have tools for working in Ruby will be studied.

Also, all the important resources for further information will be introduced. You'll get a push to explore the Ruby ecosystem to write more complex Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications.

Required skills

We expect every participant to be familiar with the grounds of computer programming. There are far better courses than this where it can be studied. Experience on building web application in PHP or Java would be a good base. But you don't need to have any prior knowledge of Ruby.

What to bring?

The course is very practical and hands-on. Bring your own laptop that you're comfortable to use. Mac's and Linux PC-s are preferred since they usually come with Ruby pre-installed.

Don't forget good mood and openness to learn new things.

What is provided?

We provide breakfast, lunch, WiFi and friendly atmosphere.


Postponed! Next possible time somewhere December 2011.

The third meetup will also take place on the evening of 13th. All workshop participants are welcome!


First workshop will be in Tallinn (exact location will be announced later).

How much?

Price will be 300€. For a two-day course fully packed of interesting stuff, it's a bargain. We also offer 15% discount for early birds!


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